Bonefish Grill

Before I start, I need to make an important disclaimer: I hate chain restaurants. I refuse to go to them. One chain restaurant is just a few variations from another chain restaurant, and they’re so gimmicky they make me sick.


So why did I decide to go to Bonefish Grill, knowing it was a chain? For one, I had read multiple reviews on the one that just opened here in Little Rock, and they were all very positive (by all I mainly mean the Arkansas Times review). So I decided to give it a chance.


I did a little research on the place before I went: checked out the menu, saw there was already a location in Rogers, Ark., read the company “vision.” Unfortunately, we couldn’t have dinner until 9 (first time a reservation was available), so I liquored myself up at Crew Bar and Grill. Although I was starving, I saved all room for food until I got to Bonefish. We went next door because the bar at Bonefish was extremely crowded, and everyone had that “don’t you dare get seated before me I was here first damnit” look on their face. Not too appealing. We were, however, greeted immediately upon entering by a Bonefish staff member, which was nice.


The two of us were seated at a booth that can seat 6, but the room was very welcome (and later much needed). Our waitress was clearly a seasoned member of wait staff, and she explained everything very well. After mentioning that their martinis were well-known, I ordered a glass of the reserve wine because I didn’t realize the menus were double sided. After a quick flip (and after I had already received my wine), I ordered the Raspberry Martini. It was delivered quickly. I expected a strong taste of liquor (I mean, come on, it’s a martini), but I was pleasantly surprised to taste only wonderful raspberries. I don’t know if the three (four?) pre dinner drinks helped mask the liquor, but my husband tasted it as well and found it equally as delicious. Before this drink, I thought a restaurant in Charlottesville made the best drinks, but this surpassed all of them. To this point, the Raspberry Martini is one—if not the—best mixed drink I’ve ever had.


Appetizer was the Mussels [something], which I had already noticed on the website. They were a little salty, but absolutely wonderful, but the best part was the sauce they were resting in. I probably ate a whole loaf of bread just dipping into the sauce, and I could have taken it home. I almost considered telling the waitress that they should sell this, frozen, for anytime someone might want to sop bread through that wonderful sauce.


For dinner I had the special Ahi Tuna, rare, with goat cheese, artichokes, and a few other things (I think sundried tomatoes?). Personally, I am sick with seared ahi tuna—it ALWAYS comes with some kind of soy thing with sesame seeds or wasabi, or both—but this was completely different. The creamy sauce was superb and the rest of the ingredients played very well off of each other. My reserve wine, a sauvignon blanc the name of which I cannot remember, was a little too fruity for the dish, but still good.

For dessert we had the MOUND of chocolate brownie sundae, something I had been craving for a long time. The brownie was moist and airy, not that tightly packed stuff, with what I believe was home-made whipped cream. An absolute delight.


This doesn’t change my opinion of chain restaurants: I still refuse to eat at them. But my study of law has taught me that there’s an exception to everything, and the Bonefish Grill is an exception to chain restaurants. It’s definitely among my favorites, and I know I’ll be visiting it frequently.


One last note: I told the waitress that our dinner was superb and that her service was excellent, and she brought the manager out for me to give the same compliments to him. We had a very, very nice conversation, and it just upped my opinion of the place and made it all the more memorable.


Rating: 5


Reviewed by: Jenny


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