Boscos lunch

I just got back from lunch at Boscos and couldn’t wait to sit down and write this review. Why? Because I was so disappointed by both the food and service. Generally I SWEAR by Boscos and recommend it to other people (the whole reason we went there was because a guest from out of state was visiting), but today was a sad, sad day.

First off, service: we sat FOREVER waiting on our food. I realize this happens, and that’s no big deal, but at least TALK to us and give us an update. Also, this is a place frequented by business-lunchers (like myself) who need to get in and out in a reasonable amount of time. I found the wait to be plain too long and just unacceptable.

Second, food: I will start on a positive note at least and say that the black bean soup was great. I thought I would only have a few bites but found myself eating the whole thing. Furthermore, my lunch companions very much enjoyed their club and muffaletta sandwiches. My salad, however, was mediocre, and by the time I was half way through my dressing was cold and gelatinizing. Nasty. I think my salad was made first and then sat around for about 20 minutes before I received it, evidenced by the fact it’s supposed to be a hot spinach salad but was in fact served cold. The chicken was overcooked and tough, but it was the best part of the salad. Thank god I ordered the soup or I would have been a hungry girl. And just so everyone knows, I do have a frame of reference for today’s meal, having ordered this salad at another business lunch.

I will of course go back to Boscos and recommend it to others, but maybe only for dinner … and be wary of the salads.

By: Jenny


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