Lunch at Satellite

For Friday lunch day, my husband and I met at Satellite Cafe in the Heights. Generally I am very impressed with Satellite: their coffee always tastes great and their steak salad is (or when I’ve had it before) phenomenal.

This time I beat Jay to the restaurant, so I had some coffee, which was wonderful. For an appetizer, we decided to split a bowl of the white bean chili. Clearly, I am not the kind of person who discriminates on whether I eat cold or hot food based on the weather (it was a cool 98 or so outside). The chili arrived without its promised bread, but that didn’t matter. The flavor was deep and complex and reminded me of Indian food, but not too spicey. The chicken came in huge chunks and was flavored very well. Overall, it was very good, and ended up being the best part of the meal.

While I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the steak salad, I decided I wanted to go a little lighter, so I ordered the seared tilapia on the plate, which the menu said was served on top of baby spinach with a tomato reduction. Jay ordered the steak and brie sandwich, which is his no-wrong go-to.

Unfortunately my plan to stay light for lunch was thwarted when I received my meal. The fish and spinach (much more spinach than fish to my unpleasant surprise) were soaked in some kind of oily concoction, with tomatoes sprinkled around (was this the tomato reduction?). The fish looked like it had lots of kinds of seasoning on it but just tasted too completely salty. I couldn’t finsih my meal because it was so oily, and later on after lunch I felt sick because of the salad. Jay didn’t really enjoy his lunch either: he couldn’t bite through his steak and it was tougher than usual. Because my lunch wasn’t exactly filling, I ate the crust of the bread on his sandwich, which I must say was excellent.

I was very disappointed about my experience at Satellite. I was about to swear off the place and never go again, but Jay suggested that I just go for the steak salad. And at least the coffee’s good. I’m glad we ordered the white bean chili; if it wasn’t for that, I would have left hungry.

Rating: 2.5 – 3

By: Jenny


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