Dinner at Wasabi

A few weeks ago Jay and I went to dinner at Wasabi, the sushi/japanese food place close to the Rivermarket. While I swear by Honaroo as the best sushi in town, it was getting to be pretty late at night and Wasabi seemed like a better bet.

I started off with a specialty cocktail called (I think) the sake blossom, which was wasabi and plum wine. It was absolutely delicious and wasn’t nearly as strong-tasting as I thought it would be, and in fact it tasted a lot like warm apple cider. A girl could get herself in trouble with a lot of those.

For dinner, I ordered the octopus salad (I couldn’t decide between this and the squid salad, and this one was recommended emphatically by the waiter) and the sashimi sampler. Jay ordered some kind of cooked beef dish. We also ordered some edemame to share. Unfortunately, Jay got his miso soup and dinner before I got anything (the sushi bar was running slower than the kitchen, apparantly) and we didn’t get the edemame until late in the dinner. (Other service issues: no napkins, had to steal utensils from a neighboring table, slow service time; but then it was late at night ….) When my food arrived, however, it was excellent. The octopus was flavored to perfection and for some reason reminded me a lot of eggplant. The sashimi was very good, although not cut quite as large as at Honaroo, but nevertheless a decent portion. While I wasn’t completely stuffed upon leaving, I was very happy and enjoyed a great meal. I still think I would rank Honaroo higher than Wasabi, but for a late night dinner it was very good (service excepted).


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