Gulf Shores Vacation Part 3: Mangos on the Island

This review comes courtesy my father-in-law, Jim Robertson:
(and yes, I am aware I’ve skipped part 2, there’s still another restaurant inbetween this one and the previous one that I need to review, assume I ever get around to it ….)

From the get-go it was clear that our waiter had issues.  He was late
in even his first visit to the table and ignorant in several other
cases.  His demeanor indicted that he either was new or didn’t have a
clue…probably both applied.   We ordered drinks….but they took
forever to arrive (30 minutes).

The appetizer I ordered was Lobster Bisque, but my experience is that
you really have to try hard and ruin this dish.  It was actually
above-average but the listing on the menu ….. “Home-Made Lobster
Bisque” made me feel like I was at “any one of 3500 restaurants in the
country” and was a harbinger of things to come….(if it’s not home-made
what is it….fresh-frozen?….what a choice!).

After 30 minutes of waiting for our appetizer, I ordered a glass of
Sauvignon Blanc, and our waiter did not have a clue about which wine it
was until I pointed to it on the wine list.  No big deal as I have had
this happen often.  But, when it was delivered, I couldn’t place the
sweet almost fizzy taste (Boone’s Farm?).  After enduring three swigs I
passed it off to Jay and he tasted it said it was lousy, so on his
advice I turned the rest of the glass in and demanded a fresh glass
(maybe for the first time in nearly 5 years for any wine I have had at a
restaurant).   Much to the server’s credit…..he took it back and the
real deal was actually quite good, but for the prices of  the food and
wine, you’d think they would open a new bottle every once in a while,
plus an additional 45 minutes had passed from the appetizer to the
salad.  If you’re counting it is now, it has been one hour and
forty-five minutes since we arrived.

I had the Hearts of Palm salad and have no complaints, though this is
something that one would really have to try and ruin (see lobster bisque
above).  After several “hail Mary’s” I finally asked another wait-person
to touch base with ours….another 45 minutes passed and we did finally
get our orders (it is now 2 hr, 30 min. since arrival).  I had the Ono
Island Tuna, which was fine, but at $32.75 is not worth the wait and my
wife, who had ordered a filet mignon cooked Medium, was given a piece of
meat that looked like they had waved it over the fire……this happens
all the time, but unlike other places, it took so long to cook it
properly that nearly everyone else had finished before it was
returned……no apologies, no compensation, no nothing….it was like
flying Comair (Delta Connection)…..(this is another story that has yet
to be posted).

Thank goodness Jenny (technically my daughter-in-law but since I only
have sons, she is my daughter) had brought an engagement cake for Nick
and Sharon and we could retreat back to the condo for the best layered
torte (to call it cake is a dis-service) I have had in quite some time
and champagne, and had a great celebration to boot.


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