Purple Cow milkshakes

Sometime between 9 am and noon on Friday our house got broken into. Needless to say that threw both of us out of whack just a bit, and me especially into the “I’m going to do whatever the hell I want” mindset. So what do you eat when you’re in this mindset? Well, as you might guess, whatever the hell you want.

Dinner wasn’t anything too special: Pizza Cafe pizza and lots of beer. But dessert was something else. I had been craving a chocolate shake from the Purple Cow, and so I decided that we should go there after pizza. I’ve always thought Purple Cow had the best milkshakes, and apparantly most of Little Rock/Central Arkansas has thought the same thing too, because they are constantly voted Best Milkshakes in the Arkansas Times.

We wanted to sit at the fountain bar, but in a strange turn of events it was packed while the rest of the restaurant was pretty open. Instead we chose a booth, and when we looked at the menu we discovered a nice little surprise: stir-ins and “adult” addition options for our milkshakes. I chose to doctor up my chocolate milkshake with Oreos and irish cream, and Jay chose to add Heath bars and coffee liquor to his. The result was a wonderously thick and tasy milkshake with just a little kick–all in all my new favorite dessert. For some reason Jay didn’t get his adult stir-in, but the heath bars were a nice addition. My irish cream, though, was definitely a good choice, and Jay’s probably would have been better with it.

I highly recommend the Purple Cow for any milkshake cravings, whether you’re good ole basic flavors or kicked up with some stir-ins and alcohol.


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