New camera = food pictures

After last payday, I decided to break down and splurge a bit on a new camera. Not too much, just enough to leave me a little food money. After my third camera within twelve months was stolen (the first two were lost ….), I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I love taking pictures but am no fancy photographer, so I although I wanted a decently nice camera, I didn’t need a lot of features.

I settled with the new Sony Cybershot 12.1 megapixel camera. My dad would be happy to know that I did some extensive research on small, sleek, and point and shoot digital camera before deciding on this one. (I was actually looking for 10 mpx cameras when I discovered the 12 mpx models had just arrived). I’m very happy with it so far. It has enough features for a photography novice like me to have a little fun (big plus: the ability to attach different lenses) and has wonderful picture quality, but the price wasn’t something outrageous or beyond my reach–although now after getting some recent highlights in my hair I’m feeling a little money pinch.

Anyway, all that talk about cameras was really to get to the point: ever since I bought my camera, I’ve been wanting to take food pictures. Although I had my new camera on my recent trip to Santa Barbara, I was too timid to take pictures of my meal at Opal, and I never really had a chance to take any other pictures. Now that the weekend is approaching, one with ample time for cooking and baking, I’ve been scheming what kind of things I want to create, just so I can take their picture. Layer cakes, pasta dishes, burgers, grilling …. my brain is flooded with ideas. I know that food photography is different from regular photography–as the food sits there it’s appearance fades, lighting is an issue, try to fill your lense with your whole subject matter–and therefore it might be difficult, but I am ready to try. I also would like to start putting pictures back on my blog.

One drawback: a recently self-imposed diet. I guess I could just say, “Oh it’s the weekend, I can eat what I want,” but this ends up just pulling me into a never-ending cycle of restriction the next week. So what’s a girl to do? Just bake a mixed berry crostada and not eat it? Devote hours to a chocolate layer cake only to kiss it goodbye? I think not. It’s a connundrum I find myself in, but the pull and the desire of cooking and baking is beginning to overwhelm me. Plus, I have a new toy.


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