Waiter there’s something in my …. [belated] topless tart!


This is my first time participating in a WTSIM event, and although I cooked this tart weeks ago, I just now got around to posting in what I thought was within the deadline. Sadly, when I checked the announcement post, I realized that my entry was a couple of days late. Because I had already written up a post on word and resized my pictures, however, I decided to go ahead and post it anyway. With all the difficulty I had with this tart, the pictures, etc., my mistaken delay in the deadline date just kind of goes along with everything else.

When I first heard of WTSIM, I was very excited to make this month’s challenge: topless tarts. I love tarts and think they are fun and easy to make, so how hard could this be?


Despite my idea that I would be able to find a boundless amount of tart recipes, especially for fresh fruit, my tart research came up pretty short. My recipe search experience reminded of research projects as a law clerk where you knew something was out there but just couldn’t find it, maybe as a result of using the wrong search terms or simply looking in the wrong places. In this case, it wasn’t either of those problems, it was just that I simply couldn’t find a recipe that looked appealing.


One weekend this past month I cooked dinner for my parents (blog on this meal forthcoming), so I decided to whip up a simple tart to go along with dinner. Wanting to do something fall-ish but not completely Thanksgiving-ie or Christmas-ie, I went with a recipe for a honey-walnut tart I found on epicurious.com. It looked easy enough, and more importantly delicious.


I didn’t quite have all the ingredients (no orange flower water, no crystallized orange peals), so I made a few substitutions, using orange extract and crystallized ginger instead. In the end, I think the orange essence was too strong and overpowered the sweetness of the dish, but overall the dessert was pretty tasty. Not my favorite, not something I’ll make again and again, but not too bad. It really reminded me of a pecan pie using walnuts instead of pecans, and brown sugar instead of corn syrup. I think I like pecan pies better.


The other huge issue I had with the tart was getting a good picture. As I’ve said before, I’m no professional photographer, but I think I’m a decent amateur food photographer. That said, none of my pictures seemed to turn out right. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but looking at the pictures I didn’t get the idea that I really, really wanted to eat my tart. It just looked so, blah.


The tart stuck around for a few days as after-dinner dessert (sometimes as a special breakfast), and it wasn’t until the tart’s final hours that I finally started getting some decent photos. I wouldn’t consider these GREAT photos by any means, but they’re definitely better than the ones I first took.


Moral of the story? Can’t really say, other than if you start with a blah recipe or something that you don’t really feel, the lack of energy will show in your pictures.



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