Coming up for fresh air …


Ahhhh! I’m so glad that’s finally over with!!!!!

Oh, uh, hi, excuse me, I didn’t realize you were listening. Hmm? What was I talking about? Oh, just that I finished an exam today that has been defining my existence for the past week.

A little overboard on the studying? Perhaps, but it was needed. Now that my Commercial Paper exam is over with, I don’t quite know what to do with myself, but right now I can feel the adrenaline wearing off, so I feel like a nap is soon on the way.

What does this have to do with food? Well, a lot and not a lot. For one, I have TONS of pictures and posts backed up that I need to get around to actually publishing here, and I don’t have much time right now to get it all done.

Plus, even though my eating standards drop a little bit during exams (peanut butter sounds like a PERFECT lunch! and let’s have some raw mushrooms too), somtimes some interesing things come to the forefront. Check out my most recent post on Eat Arkansas for a little blurb on that. Furthermore, no matter how menial the food or snack, I’m always finding time for study breaks so I can take pictures.


Take these frozen grapes. Not exciting, not really interesting at all, although I must say I really like them. I had put them in a beer mug as a dessert I planned to make but that never materialized, and while I was studying one night I decided they were the perfect snack. Then I saw my camera. Then I saw the glass. And, well, I needed a break.


I kinda like these pictures. It makes me thinks the grapes are in some kind of ice cave, ready to be found. I even like how you can see the rips in them, and maybe tell that I didn’t really clean them off all that well. I don’t know, I’m no photo critic, but the contrast with the sureal frozen glass and the broken and earthy texture of the grapes is pretty cool.

Still lots of exams to go, but I hope to have more posts–and pictures–up soon.



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