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Around this neck of the woods, football is serious business. I always feel a little sad–like the kind you feel when you’re going home after a great vacation, or Sunday night after taking a weekend off when you realize you have to go back to work/school the next morning–whenever the last college football game slips away. Almost as if the rest of the world sighs with me, this is about the same time that the weather starts getting really cold, and everyone huddles inside awaiting a new fall and a new season.

This is why the Super Bowl is such a big deal. It resuscitates the tailgate cuisine and gives everyone a chance to bring out the stops one last time. I’m talking chili, cheese dip, chicken wings, bacon-wrapped bread sticks, roasted nuts …. you name it. This year, I’ll even be attending an event where the entire meal will consist of wild game, including snake burgers.

Because of my huge interest in gameday food, I decided to host what I’m calling Gameday Gourmet, a chance for you to submit posts on what you like to cook for a game. Ideally, this means what you would like to cook for the Super Bowl, but it can also include other types of tailgate like foods that you would cook for some other sporting event. I’m also very interested in whether or not different regions focus on different kinds of foods.

Here are the rules:
1. Post about your gameday food and send an e-mail to roberjenny @ gmail dot com (without spaces of course) by Friday, February 8 with the following information: your name, your location, name of your blog, a permalink of your Gameday Gourmet post, and what you made. Please note: I’m looking for food you have made, not a bunch of stuff you bought at Walmart or wherever and just assembled. In the subject line of the e-mail, inlclude “gameday gourmet.”
2. Link back to this post in your own post.
3. If you would like to send a picture, I only ask that you make the maximum width 400 pixels.
4. I will assume that your gameday food is for the Super Bowl unless you tell me otherwise.

Have fun and I look forward to some great submissions! I will post a roundup early in the week of February 10. If you have any questions, please post here. I will try to come up with some sort of logo, or get my tech-savy husband to do it. 🙂


1 Response to “Gameday Gourmet”

  1. 1 sydneyblue January 23, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    I love the idea of hearing what people submit as their gameday foods and recipes. We don’t really celebrate the superbowl with friends and/or annual dishes — we just chill out alone and eat whatever’s on hand and enjoy the game. But I’d love to hear the ideas you gather from your poll so we can incorporate something into our future Super Bowl viewings. Go Giants!

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