Cupcake Potluck


My close friends and I are getting to the age where we all turn 25, so there’s a sense that we should all do something special for our birthdays. When my friend Corinne, a big (and very good!) baker, turned 25, she decided to have a cupcake party. Everyone was encouraged to make their own cupcakes, and we would all share. I thought it was such a good idea, and it gave me an opportunity to try making cupcakes out of a wonderful pumpkin cake recipe.


I used the same recipe that I used for the Pumpkin Cake with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting that I made for Thanksgiving, only altering the cooking time. At first I baked the cupcakes for 25 minutes, but I think the batter was a littler thicker than your average cupcake batter, so it ended up taking more like 30 or 35 minutes to cook all the way through. Even with the extra time, I don’t think the cupcakes were completely cooked through, but they were very, very moist. As expected, the cupcakes were pretty dense, but the flavor was just out of this world. All of the spices in the recipe really shined, and I think I actually made the icing better this time around. If you don’t want to make the pumpkin cake, you should definitely try making the cake in cupcake form. And don’t just take my word for it either: everyone was raving about them.


Corinne the birthday girl made chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache icing, and they were a chocolate lover’s dream. My friend Brett, who lives in New York, made the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, chocolate with chocolate chips and different flavors of icing. These were definitely sweet. Also making an appearance were cupcakes with coconut icing. I’m sure there are some other cupcakes that I left out.

Corinne and Me

The party was so much fun and was such a good idea. I recommend doing something like this for a birthday, because it makes the event entertaining without going full-throttle and spending all your time cooking. It’s also fun to see what everyone comes up with. You never know, you might get some good ideas for yourself.


Oh, and yes, we love Guitar Hero. 🙂


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