This is a short review and doesn’t include any pictures, but I wanted to get it out while it was fresh in my mind.

Ceviche is within walking distance from my new apartment, and Jay and I had been wanting to try it for a while. It looked fun, inventive, and as a local restaurant, we felt obligated to try it out. The evening we ate there was supposed to be a celebration night for me finishing the bar exam, so we were looking for a restaurant worthy of helping us celebrate.

The evening started off with a few drinks. Jay had a beer and I had the passionfruit mojito. I ignored my gut and decided against ordering a margarita. The mojito was good in that it was not too sweet, but I don’t know how much passionfruit flavor came through. Our first appetizer–and would have been our only one–was the guacamole with fried plantains. The guac was decent, but a very meager size. Due to the small amount of guac, we decided to try the ceviche sampler. This was a nice surprise and very good, and I had a hard time deciding which ceviche was my favorite. Things were looking up, until dinner arrived.

Although the choices on the menu all look very appetizing and exciting, our dishes were very generic. I had pulled beef with rice and beans, and Jay had chicken cooked in various spices, served with french fries and mixed greens. I could have made each of these dishes very easily in my own kitchen, and the taste wasn’t outstanding enough to help with the average and mediocre appearance. The flavor just wasn’t there, and it was kind of a downer that something I had looked forward to as a celebration meal didn’t really deliver. This place looked so fun, but the food didn’t live up to expectations.

Service was also mediocre, although not terrible. Our waitress asked us to fill out a comment card, which I was more than happy to oblige. I wrote a very condensed version of what I’ve written here, simply stating that the food was mediocre and did not live up to expectations. I also said that I wouldn’t recommend Ceviche for dinner, but that it was good for drinks, and perhaps some ceviche. We didn’t even try dessert, we were so underwhelmed by everything else.

I won’t be back any time soon, at least for dinner.


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