Bar Review: Urbana

Located on P street close to Dupont Circle and attached to Hotel Palomar (a pretty swanky place, I must say), Urbana is a fun little trendy bar to go to if you want a good glass of wine. I went there as the second part of a girls night (after dinner at a thai place just up the street), and we were having a well fabulous time until a fat awkward guy had to come and spoil the night. Fat awkward guy aside, we all really liked this place. The lighting was dim without feeling like a cave or one of those college bars where they turn the lights down so low that you don’t know what kind of mistake you are making with your new “friend,” and the couches and lounge areas were pretty chic. Evidently there is also a restaurant, which unfortunately we did not know about, but I am desperate to try it out sometime. For those of you who are eco-friendly, the wine list has a special legend for solar grown wines and organic wines, as well as sustainable vintages (sp?/correct term?). All in all (again, awkward guy aside) it was a good time, and definitely a place we will go to again. I saw someone a table over from us get a pizza, and it looked pretty interesting: all of the ingredients were piled in a mound in the center, and it looked like you had to spread them out around the pizza. As for wine, I had a Malbec (which was organic! I’m so posh and green) and a glass of a Savignon Blanc which was quite good. A couple of the girls had a sparkling wine (dunno if it was the Prosseco, but that was an available option), and they liked it.

Two thumbs up! Look out for awkward dudes visiting who might spoil an otherwise fun and chill girls night, however.


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