Brunch at Perry’s

Perrys Adams Morgan
1811 Columbia Road
Washington, DC, 20009
(202) 234 6218

You wouldn’t guess that drag queens and brunch would be so popular (or maybe you would), but drive by Perry’s in Adams Morgan close to 10:30 AM on a Sunday morning and you will see a line that stretches down the sidewalk and into the street. A group of girlfriends and I (including Meredith’s mom!) ate at Perry’s this past Sunday, and I almost didn’t make an appearance, given all the work I had to do. I’m glad I sucked it up and went, because this is one of the funnest brunches I’ve ever been to.

Like I said, the line is long and materializes early. Next I go, I’ll probably plan on getting there earlier than a few minutes before the place opens. Luckily all 6 of us got to sit at a table together, even though originally they were going to split us up into groups of 4 and 2.

Immediately when we got to our table, we noticed that the line for the brunch buffet stretched all the way around the dining room. Rather than standing in line, we decided to wait at the table for the numbers to go down. If this had been a party brunch, I probably would have gone for the pitcher of mimosa that was offered, but given that I had lots of work to do and was only going to have one glass, I decided to forgo the pitcher.

When you finally do get up to the buffet, you will be tempted to load up on things like mixed salad greens, artichoke heart salad, and eggplant salad, but the prudent brunch-goer will only get some of this. The good stuff is toward the end of the brunch table, things like breakfast sushi and breakfast lasagna. I was trying to be a little healthier, so I passed up the seafood chowder (which I’m told was AMAZING), the waffles and the bacon, and other fried things, but I couldn’t resist everything. There is definitely an Asian influence in some of the food (e.g. sushi, satays), but there’s also the kind of food that any red blooded American would go for during brunch, like eggs and sausage and bacon.

One thing that not every red blooded American might be enthused about is the drag show. Personally, I think drag shows are some of the funnest forms of entertainment around. When the first queen came out, I reached for my wallet to find my stash of singles, but I was soon cursing myself because I forgot to bring them. Rule #1 at a drag show is bring singles to tip the ladies. Because I didn’t have any tip money, I felt bad taking pictures of everyone. Luckily, Meredith’s mom brought some cash, so I got to get in a great photo with one of the drag queens, and both Meredith and Meredith’s mom also got some photo souvenirs.

I wouldn’t say that the food is spectacular, but there definitely are some good things offered in the buffet. Although you can get most of the brunch food anywhere else in the city, you certainly can’t have quite as much fun. If you have never been to a drag show, this is a good way to get indoctrinated. It’s a little less intimidating when both young and old are sipping on coffee and champagne and eating on miniature desserts. Get there early if you don’t want to wait for the second half of the show and to be sure that you actually get a table.


1 Response to “Brunch at Perry’s”

  1. 1 Claudia January 13, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    I am ashamed to admit that I still have yet to make it to Perry’s for brunch! It’s very high on my list since I have heard nothing but great things (mostly about the entertaining show). Glad you enjoyed it!

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